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by Brian McGuinness 7-10-2010

Welcome to PI Newsroom! Over the years, I have written several investigative articles and book reviews, so blogging will likely be a natural extension of those prior efforts. This is my first posting on this blog & newly designed website. As a long time private investigator, I have often thought that another profession that would hold interest for me would be that of journalist. I have followed one particular blogger who is an excellent journalist and a pioneer in the blogosphere: Joshua Marshall from TPM - Talking Points Memo. Josh Marshall holds a Ph.D. in American history and became famous for breaking the Bush Administration U.S. Attorneys firing scandal.

The fascinating aspect to www.talkingpointsmemo.com is that he has hundreds of thousands of readers daily. These readers often are professionals in various disciplines that can educate the author and ultimately his readers once Josh and his staff have fact checked their input. He actively solicits input from his readers which is a novel approach to journalism. They also keep their ears to the ground on issues posted by Josh and therefore the blog benefits from input from around the country on any number of issues. The blog is primarily political with a liberal slant. But, I think it is responsible journalism and absent cheap shots or ranting. Check it out. Whatever your political orientation, whether liberal or conservative, I think you will still appreciate his approach to the new journalism. 

I plan on covering a wide variety of topics and throw in the occasional anecdote or strange thing that happened on a case. Believe me, I have a lot of anecdotes! I hope you like the new website.

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