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McGuinness and Associates has a strong track record of civil case investigation. Our private investigators will effectively assist you by providing litigation support and research in your civil cases. We have experience in the following private investigations and methods.


McGuinness & Associates has investigated several hundred personal injury cases and numerous wrongful death cases since 1985 for a variety of plaintiffs’ firms. We have investigated automobile accidents, boating accidents, scuba diving, industrial and construction related accidents. We excel in the taking of statements, photography, videography, public record retrieval and location of witnesses. Our firm has conducted investigations for many prominent Miami personal injury/employment attorneys, including Neil Chonin and Marilyn Sher, for over 20 years. Mr. Chonin is listed in the Best Trial Lawyers in America Directory and is a frequent and well respected lecturer before legal groups.


We have worked, perhaps, an equal number of personal injury cases for the defense. This work is generally for house counsel for major insurance firms. We provided investigative services to the Miami house counsel for Travelers Insurance Company for over ten years. We currently assist house counsel for a major insurance company as well as private attorneys who serve various insurance companies. We also assist a municipal Risk Management Department and City Attorney's Office in the defense of lawsuits.


Firm associates are highly experienced in providing video surveillance on suspect plaintiffs and workman compensation claimants. We also handle domestic surveillance cases. We can assemble a team of qualified associates who are highly skilled in surveillance for extensive 24/7 assignments. We were instrumental in the recovery of millions of dollars in an investment swindle based upon a two week 24/7 surveillance operation. Mr. McGuinness has been qualified as an expert witness in United States District Court in this area.


Miami private investigatorWe have been retained by numerous plaintiffs’ law firms in all three areas. We are familiar with the law and conditions precedent to bring such lawsuits in Florida. We have attended seminars where lawyers specializing in these areas provide the latest information as to the law and use of investigators. Our firm has been retained numerous times by a Miami civil rights law firm in order to investigate housing discrimination. We assisted the FBI and Justice Department in a high profile class action housing discrimination case in which a multi-million dollar verdict was obtained against a large residential real estate firm that routinely discriminated against tenant applicants.


We have been successful in identifying products whose origin and manufacturer have been suspect or unknown. We are very aware of commercial, patent, trademark and manufacturing databases that can be useful in these types of investigations. Our national and international electronic networking capability with investigative association members has also proven very useful in products cases.


Our investigative profiles of companies and principals have earned us praise from the research department of a major Wall Street securities firm. Mr. McGuinness has attended several Dialog Business Intelligence seminars over the years and (SCIP) Society of Competitor Intelligence Professionals meetings. We have developed numerous sources of business data and media sources for coverage within the business community and within specific industries. We attend conferences that provide instruction in this area.

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