Cuba Research & Investigations

Cuba photoPlease review our companion website for Cuba related research and investigations:

We have the capability of locating heirs and witnesses within the country of Cuba. Although there currently are travel restrictions on Americans traveling to and from Cuba, Mr. McGuinness is licensed through the U.S. Treasury Department in order to conduct investigations, interviews and public record research.

Through our association with a Cuban American attorney in Miami, we have established excellent connections on the island and can access:

  • birth
  • death
  • marriage
  • scholastic
  • medical
  • civil
  • criminal records

There are significant government charges for records in Cuba. If the records need to be "legalized" for evidentiary purposes within the U.S., then additional steps must be taken to obtain the necessary certification.

Cuba StreetWe have the capability to:

  • Locate Cuban nationals within Cuba
  • Interview Cuban nationals
  • Videotape interviews
  • Translation Spanish to English

We traveled to Cuba and successfully located an heir for a leading American genealogy firm. We went from Havana to Santiago de Cuba, confirmed the heir's whereabouts and met with him in order to secure the necessary documentation to prove his identity.

Please contact us should you have any questions about heir and witness location and/or records research.