Private Investigator Miami, Florida

Surveillance work is conducted by highly experienced investigators that work only surveillance details.

Mobile Surveillance is always video-documented. Digital freeze-frame photos available upon request.

Video surveillance footage is typically provided on a DVD. Online video delivery is an option should your needs require.

GPS Tracking devices are available in certain situations either as a standalone surveillance solution or as a complementary physical surveillance method.

McGuinness & Associates has handled hundreds of surveillance assignments including:

  • Domestic (cheating spouse) cases
  • Workman compensation cases
  • Non-compete clause violation cases
  • Malingering cases
  • Activity checks

Surveillance operatives are highly experienced in providing testimony if needed in your case.

Surveillance cases are billed on an hourly rate with a charge for mileage which is customary.

McGuinness & Associates can provide multiple surveillance investigators and provide 24/7 coverage if needed, provided we are given enough lead time (usually 5 business days at a minimum)

McGuinness & Associates contracts with licensed, insured private investigators who specialize in surveillance when we need extra manpower for extensive assignments.

Brian P. McGuinness, Director of McGuinness & Associates has been qualified as an expert in surveillance in U.S. District Court, Miami, Florida.

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